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Established in 2020

There are very important global customer problems that our start-up idea is looking to solve:
One of these problems is the over saturation of vehicles that are being owned and must be parked, but are rarely used in the city. Usually the time we spend in our cars is very limited – less than two hours a day. We use our cars to drive to work, then these cars remain parked for around eight hours. On the opposite side when using a car from a sharing platform, the efficiency of its use rises by around 80%. Our start-up platform will increase the usage rate of vehicles. Decreasing the need for car ownership will lead to increasing the available parking space within the city.

Our sharing platform will use only electrified vehicles. This will increase the sustainability of the vehicle use within the city. This leads to a decreased consumption of fuel and dangerous CO2 emissions caused by long term city driving, which helps to protect the environment and minimise the environmental impact the same have on the planet.

The price at which vehicle ownership and maintenance come is usually too high. What our start-up idea is offering is a more convenient alternative. The consumer only needs to pay the amount of the time he/she is using the vehicle. This is nothing compared to the initial cost of a vehicle plus all the additional fees and maintenance costs that arise each year. In addition to that, the vehicles that we would like to offer are electrical. This will make our offering also a greener alternative.

Our sharing platform will also help in reducing the traffic in big cities. Depending on the type of vehicle the consumer decides to use, the traffic can be decreased. In most cases, when the environmental conditions are favourable it can be a healthier and traffic decreasing option to choose an e-scooter, e-kick scooter or e-bike.

The platform we would like to create will have the possibility to monitor the driving manner and compliance with traffic rules of every consumer. If the driver is avoiding to respect the rules, this will result in suspension of the user account. We believe that these measures will help increase the compliance with the traffic law as well as make drivers more strict, self conscious and careful. Accidents and road violations are also expected to be reduced a result of these precautions.

This new business model will change the mindset of consumers away from consumerism. We believe that using this sharing platform, the final users will start to shift their behavior to one that aligns well with circular economy norms. Sharing is an important factor, which drives the circular economy norms.

In addition, when all vehicles are powered by electricity, there is no internal combustion engine. This means that noise levels in urban conditions will be drastically reduced.



Our mission is to build a simple and affordable solution to let you reach your places. Wherever you go, we want to put a smile on your face and make your trip easier.


We believe in freedom of opportunity and a world free of pollution. We dream of a future where each of us chooses where and when to go, and we dream of a future where we leave no footprint on nature as a result.